When do you think you will next play golf?

Lord Tyrion

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Sep 9, 2014
Nicola's hair never ever changes. I think it's actually a hat.
My favourite pastime is deciding who on TV lives with someone capable of cutting hair.
Charlie Stayt on Breakfast is looking well coiffed
I'm also fascinated by Charlie's hair. I think he is tipping over into bouffant, a dangerous place, he is in need of a trim 😁.

In terms of nicola, she could be in a force 9 gale and her hair wouldn't move 🌬. I'm tempted to agree with your hat theory 🤔.

Canary Kid

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Jun 28, 2017
West Sussex
I’m playing tomorrow at 10.38! I was lucky ... I logged onto my club’s booking system yesterday afternoon just as it reopened and had a choice of all the slots. Not long after, the site couldn’t cope.
Mar 27, 2019
Hi guys

I managed my first round yesterday since the 13th March. The rules are slightly different here in Spain, we can play in 4 balls but we have to keep 2 meters apart at all times. Our driving range is open, but only every other slot,
plus there was only about 5 flags on the putting green, normally about 15. We were given our scorecard by the receptionist, outside of the pro shop. There are NO rakes so you kick the sand back as good as you can in the bunkers.
In our holes there was a plastic device that the ball can fall on, which lies about half an inch below the green service. The ball can easily hit this device and jump out of the hole, it that happened, we gave the putt to the player, it only happened about 3 times.

Our course was in excellent condition as it had been hollow tyned about 2 weeks ago, although the greens were a bit slow. At the end of the game we clinked putters to say thank you to our playing partners, went straight to the car park put our
gear away and went home. It was great to see my golfing buddies again, I think there was 22 of our small golf society there. I thoroughly enjoyed myself to be out and not only playing golf, but getting some exercise. You probably know that our
lockdown here in Spain has been very severe, a lot more than in the UK. As for the golf, well, 26 points, some very poor chipping probably cost me 5 points, but I hit the ball quite well, and surprising my bunker play was very good.

Im down to play again tomorrow and again on Friday, so that is good. Not sure when we will get back to any competitions, but just being out there was like being in paradise. Which it is.

Those of you who can get out there, good luck, enjoy your day, and the moment.

Good luck and Keep safe!


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Aug 25, 2009
Already booked in for 18 holes Thurs to Sun.
Please don’t think I’m having a pop, this is a serious question. Is your place busy, in common with most and, if so, would you be prepared to forego one of these times to allow someone who has missed out the opportunity to play?

I only ask because most clubs seem to be setting some sort of limit on the number of tee times to allow everyone a fair crack at the whip.


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Jan 5, 2016
I've booked every day till next Wednesday. No limits whatsoever. Although as I can only start after 4 on weekdays, not sure if I can get 18 in. Great to get back out there. Just hope the weather is kind.


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Jan 10, 2012
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tee times booked at 9.40 for tomorrow and Thursday, no visitors so I'll be a solo warrior for a while 💩. Doesn't look like there's restrictions on how many times you can play that I've spotted.

The limited play, you're probably reading about on here, will be dependant on membership numbers
I'd guess arcot hall has more than double the numbers that garesfield has

So you will probably have no limits imposed on you mate👍


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Mar 15, 2008
Aylesbury Bucks
Our BRS goes live at 8pm tonight for a 7.45 start in the morning.
Going to get a slot for me and Fragger for about 1.30ish.
I dont think it's going to be as manic as they think it's going to be.
Even with 500 members, as we're limited to 9 holes a day, we can accommodate over half the club every day.
Not everyone will want to play tomorrow, not everyone will be able to either...or Thursday or friday due to work and/or other commitments
The weekends will be busy but, again, probably only up to lunchtime
I reckon that between early afternoon and 4.30/5 it's going to be pretty quiet.
Going to keep an eye on the bookings and try to play as much as possible.


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Oct 27, 2018
My 1st course opens tomorrow we are allowed 3 booking per week so I’m teeing off late Wednesday Friday and Saturday
My 2nd course are looking at opening Monday but are under a bit of pressure from the members as to get it open at the weekend
It won’t be quite the same lads and ladies but enjoy


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Apr 30, 2020
Our club put out something last night....only 9 holes (17-7+ 8-16 makes things close to clubhouse), brs will be open in a few hours. I won't bother, not desperate enough to play 9. Problem for me is, they are going to have some method to sign up to use the practice ground. If they limit that to an hour at the most, I guess I won't be playing at all. Not worth it to drive out there and not practice for more than an hour. I also paid my subs ahead of time (early March) so I'm offsetting those folks who haven't paid at all yet.....I'll probably want a month or so of my subs back (which the club said you could do). I always go in and practice early, I'm hoping the info they are putting out later will allow me to get a decent practice in.
Apr 22, 2012
That is quite conservative! Where do you play and is it a private club?

Bit harsh on working people who will only get to play 9 holes at the weekend. On the other hand I know people on furlough who will be desperate to play every day on the basis they will be back at work in a couple of weeks. There's no easy answer.
Yes, private club. It got a large membership but course is rarely busy.
If there's no comp on, you can frequently roll up lunchtime at the weekend and just walk on.
Guidelines ask non working people to avoid weekends and try to play weekday
I think they're just trying to be fair, it would be annoying to find all slots gone shortly after booking and see Joe Bloggs name down to play morning and afternoon everyday.
I suspect we'll be told in a few days we can book more.
I've no complaints


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Feb 20, 2013
Booking opens at 10am today. I want one slot before I head off. I do think the fully paid up should get first dibs but that might be too controversial for some ..


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Aug 25, 2009
We’re open again from this weekend. A limit of two tee times per week, presumably as we are a proprietary club and the primary source of revenue, certainly at the moment, will be visitors.