the greatest major final round


Oct 25, 2006
there have been many great final rounds to finish majors over the years but which do you think really stands out?

personally faldo's 18 straight pars at muirfield in '87 i feel has to be up there - even more so than his triumph at augusta in '96 where it could be argued norman lost it.

it is hard to seperate this from the classic 1977 open dual in the sun between nicklaus and watson - brilliant golf in the peak of their careers under huge pressure, watson obviously overcame his great master.

but also hubert green in the 70's in what i think was the u.s. open - was told he was about to be shot from someone in the crowd, but nevertheless battled on. as underrated as this round is (not many people remember) the added pressure to playing a final round in a major must have been unbelievable.

for golfing purists tho - i think faldo's first major win was just superb.


GM Staff
Oct 17, 2006
Love the classic memories of the majors mentioned above.

love him or hate him- as a Brit you have to look back on Faldo's wins with fond memories of how he dominated in his own way. I remember so well, watching Norman fall apart in 96 as faldo slowly broke him down and took control.

I makes me wonder what majors of this decade will be remembered so fondly. For me the most memorable major of recent years has to be the 2004 Masters-that back nine really did have every thing you could want from a golf tournament- the best player never to have won a major taking on an awesome Ernie amoungst others. There were so many memorable shots in those last few hours that will not soon be forgotten.


Assistant Pro
Jul 1, 2006
Is it me or are modern majors just not as exciting - as Paul09 says Mickleson's 1st win at Augusta was great and for me Ernie's win at Muirfield is up there too (I did have money on him which always helps!) but all my other favourites are the European glory days in the 80s majors and before those the Watson/Nicklaus battles of the 70s


Club Champion
Sep 18, 2006
I agree - the excitement in recent Majors hasn't been as high

My favourite final rounds have to be Nicklaus at the 1986 Masters (the first golf tournament I watched properly) and Ballesteros at Lytham in the 1988 Open (I was lucky enough to be there as a 10 year old). Seve and Nick Price had a fantastic battle, reminiscent in a way of the 1977 Duel in the Sun, and he sealed victory with a typically deft chip on the 18th.


Head Pro
Sep 18, 2006
There does seem to have been a serious lack of back nine duels in the past decade...a decade in which the Tiger has been all-powerful - no coincidence i don't think!

Strangely his battle with Bob May at the 2000 USPGA at Valhalla was probably the best finish for a while.

Being a big time Brit Lyle's Masters final round was pretty special, if only for the 7-iron...bring on Luke, Howeller or Lee pulling it out the bag!


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Sep 19, 2006
Daly V Rocca 1995

I was only a nipper at the time. That was the day that I realised that I was capable of watching sport on the TV without having to get up half way through to go and play football in the back garden


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Nov 1, 2006
There really is no debate on this one and I can only assume that, Severiano798488 aside, you are all young whippersnappers who were either still just twinkles in your fathers' eyes or in nappies when it happened!
The back nine in Jack Nicklaus final round 65 in the '86 Masters remains the most exciting golf I've ever watched. It had everything - occasion, drama, emotion, unpredicatability, sentimentality, spectacular golf, everything!
Unsurpassed in the ensuing 20 years.
Quick trivia question for you - who was Nicklaus' playing partner on that final day....?


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Oct 15, 2006
Norn Iron
The best final round duel I can remember seeing in recent(ish) years was Payne Stewart playing with Lefty in the 1999 US Open . That was sheer class...they matched each other pretty much shot for shot with Tiger ready to pounce on any slip ups. Fantastic viewing.