The 150th Open

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Aug 19, 2020
Hi all,

I'm lucky enough to be going to The Open this year with my son and it's the first time either of us will have been to any tournament.

Just after advice on what sort of time of day is best to arrive etc given the huge numbers of people expected.

Also are there any particularly good spots to spectate from? We don't want to be too static all day but I'm also conscious that it will be a very long day for a nine year old. We've got tickets for Sat And Sun so time to see different holes on different days etc.

Any other advice on do's and dont's also welcome.


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May 18, 2009
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I've never watched at St Andrews, but my general advice is to get in a grandstand behind a par 3, so you can watch the entire hole being played. Get there in time to see the big names coming through. Usually there's a block of big games morning and afternoon, so ensure you get a order of play. Get him to tell you who is coming up next. Who are his favourite players? Make sure he sees them.

When you had enough of that, walk the course so you get to see it. Following a game isn't easy unless you are very tall. But with less famous players matches, its easier.

Others will have different ideas! Have fun!
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Apr 6, 2007
At previous St Andrews Opens I've gone early, had a wander and then taken a seat in one of the stands overlooking the double greens. Binoculars are a must but you get some great viewing. Its also worth looking in on the practice ground later in the day to see who's working on what. If you try to walk round following a group, The Old Course isn't the best for that I'm afraid. A good vantage point in a stand is my recommendation.


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Dec 3, 2014
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Get there early, really early if you want a glimpse of Tiger and others who practice early.
I always like to go to the practice ground for a while. Then, a mix of sitting in a stand at a green, watching them tee off etc.
Take binoculars, that way if you are behind a green you see more of players hitting in.
Most of all, enjoy it. I've been to all the recent ones in Scotland but am on holiday this year.🤦