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Jan 23, 2015
Morning all,

I'm playing in my cricket clubs annual golf day this Friday. This will be the first time I have entered as I took up golf in the last year. I am entering a team of 4, all of us in the same boat. We've never played in one of these, so looking for some advice on team tactics!

There's all the usual society prizes on the day, but the big one is the team event. 2 scores count per hole.

How should we approach this as a team? What order should we be teeing-off in (best driver first or last? all use drivers? etc) and then the same for the green - what order / should we approach them any differently to normal?

I might be over thinking this but any pearls of wisdom appreciated!

There's also a Par 3 competition that I've never heard of - 'Pink Ball' - where each team is given a pink ball for use on the 4x Par 3s - each player has to use it once, and the ball must be returned on the 18th to qualify - best net team score wins - quite a cool idea for a comp within a comp!


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Aug 4, 2009
The only tactic that imo has any merit is to get people putting first on the green who have had the most strokes, so hopefully one guy ends up with a free putt - that is, it doesn't matter if he misses because you already have points in the bag.

Other than that, it's a society. Someone will come in with a cricket score based on dodgy guessed handicaps that they've guessed they'd play to on an average day if they didn't feel great and the dog wouldn't stop barking last night.

Just have fun.