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  • Hi Gary,

    How's tricks? Just wondering if you have seen the new thread yet for the inter county championships. I am guessing that you will be interested in playing for Leicestershire along with me and Crow. Putting you down incase you miss out on it. Let me know if you are up for it.

    Hi Gary,

    I have booked some time off work for when you are at Skegness. I have booked off Friday 24th through to Friday 31st, so coming down to my place and going to Woodhall during that time would be great for me. One of my mates is up for going to Woodhall and I am sure I could get another one.
    Got one more for Woodhall mate. Had one of my golfy mates round for dinner last night and he is up for playing any day either week.
    Hi Gary, (forgive me if I have got your name wrong, I am **** at remebering names)If you are up for a trip to Woodhall then I can probably make it into a 4-ball as I have a couple of mates who have been talking about having a game there before the end of summer. Is anytime over those 2 weeks good for you? If not then let me know when and I will try and work it out with my mates.cheers Adey
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