Newquay Golf Club


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Jul 14, 2017
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What’s Newquay GC like? We visit north Cornwall regularly as we have a house there, and last time a friend and I played Treloy, which is short, but which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Was hoping to try Newquay and Treloy next time but the tripadvisor reviews for Newquay were very mixed. Snooty and unwelcoming being the general thread.
I wear a collared polo and know which end to hold a club, but don’t fancy anywhere you don’t feel welcome.


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May 18, 2009
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Surprised there hasn't been a reply to this.

Weirdly, having played lots in Cornwall, I haven't played there. As a rule, we tend to avoid Newquay as a place... but having walked across the course to get to the beach, it looks like a fairly ordinary holiday resort links and would expect most of it's visitors to be on holiday. Give them a ring to book a time, you can usually get an idea about a place from that.

Mind you, Perrenporth is just down the road... serious links, the warmest of welcomes and well worth the trip.