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Nov 2, 2009
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Strange how saving money stirs up so much in people on here. Yet, I know for a fact people are quick to announce they have saved money by buying X from another supplier, be it food, ,car tax, cars, petrol, etc etc. But say that a person is expected to pay more for their golf than others and it's a race to condemn. The extra dosh is apparently required to cover mismanagement of funds and subs for this year. There has been discussion amongst member about this, and I'm not in the minority at my club. Yet again it's the absence of information from the new committee about this that's the biggest problem. The extra cash will only keep the place afloat, not pay for much needed work to at least tidy the course up. A few simple drainage bits of work would help the course, but nothing ever gets done until it's too late and members have gone to never return. I actually have returned but have been bitterly disappointed with things, far too many to mention, but the lads have made me feel part of the place again, and I would like nothing better than if it did get back to where it was years ago, but I fear this will not happen
If they are your feelings then it sounds like it is time for you to move on. All far enough, but this last post seems to bear little resemblance to your OP, against which all subsequent posts have been directed.


Nov 10, 2020
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If you play golf thinking about how much someone else has paid for their membership compared to you and worried you’ve not got the best deal then I’d suggest membership golf is not for you. Try looking on tee off times.
Opportunity to moan about different pricing at different times then. Some people just love to moan....