Maximum data usage on mobile internet?


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Feb 15, 2015
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Wonder if anyone can help here.

My son has had to move home due to illness and now lives somewhere where he can't get broadband or Sky installed, and therefore can only rely on mobile internet and Wi-Fi hotspots. He used to have domestic phone and internet service through a main provider. He previously watched a lot of footy etc. and also spent hours on end streaming music on YouTube and playing football manager every day.

The highest mobile data allowance his mobile phone provider can offer is 20gb in a month. A guy at ther call centre told me they're soon going to offer 30gb hough no more.

But I think with his typical usage pattern he'll even eat that up in a few days. I'd say he'd typically watch 5-6 matches a week and then add in the YouTube and other streaming services. Guy I spoke to suggested one match = 1gb but I'm sceptical and imagine it would be even more - does anyone know?

Any techy types got any suggestions how he could get essentially uncapped mobile access as he used to have when on house broadband?

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Three do an unlimited mobile data SIM. Altough that only alloows 30 GB as a peronal hotspot.