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Apr 1, 2016
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I would love to share Paul’s positive vibe that it will be here soon, but he lives in a borough of London and he don’t have it there yet. ?
That said, happy with the outcome I am paying less per month than my last contract. But would EE of offered anything if they did not feel there was some kind of miss sell.

Yes because customer satisfaction is what they do. Kick up enough fuss you can get money off anything

There is zero miss sell as you have 5g the signal is just not there yet but the phone is capable, the SIM is capable

End of day you have a working phone. 2/4/5g should make no difference

Why was 5g such an issue? 4g has speeds of over 100mb but even on average 50mb

Now home broadband is say 100mb but that's for an entire house. Do you need that speed just to run your phone? My betting is 90% the time your on WiFi anyways negating the need for 5g

The main benefit of 5g is when fully rolled out rural broadband can be run via it.. stick SIM in your router and bamn. Without them needing to dig miles of road to run fibre

The phone upgraded signal is a positive side affect

And end of day the calling part of a phone works on any of the speeds the same which is a phones first objective
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