I have slayed the beast


Tour Rookie
Mar 28, 2008
Armagh, Norn Iron
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After getting a tummy bug and being afraid to stray outside the house for 5 days I managed to get a round in yesterday.

The Senior cup was being played and course was in fantastic condition with super fast greens that where very hard.

I have been struggling recently with 2or 3 holes on the course but my main nemesis is the 17th - Due to the tee box position and surrounding trees you need to hit a high fade over thick fir trees or nice draw to the RHS of the fairway to get into position for a nice second shot.
Normally I slice it into the 16th Tee box / 15 green or land in the thick firs in front of the tee box.
Last night I thumped a massive draw down the fairway getting perfect position, a massive drive leaving 212 yards to the green.

All together the round was just another mediocre round - but with a birdie on this I am simply bursting to get out again. I feel I have got over my 'fear' of the hole and can now.

Did anyone else have any similar experiences this weekend?

Pic is the second shot - you can see the type of trees I normally land in.