Golf return

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Nov 6, 2018
Blackburn, Lancashire
Made a couple of these threads now once in 2018 then I needed a shoulder op and again in 2019 before needing another operation on my nose this time and then 2020 arrived and my local golf club shut and didn’t really open up for visitors till late 2020 I didn’t bother.
Come 2021 my local opened up to none members mid May and I finally managed to get out hitting a 130 in my first round of golf since 2008!
have managed to play once a month till I went on holiday in September and range a few times since.
now my aim for next year is to break 100 which I nearly did before holiday with a 102 round.
What’s the best way to practice over winter? I usually try to get to the range once a week but with work and my other love mountain biking it can be once a fortnight.

hopefully can get one or two rounds over winter.
My 2022 aim is to break 100 if it’s possible playing once or twice a month. And hopefully join my local club.
most of my golf is solo but do join up with a group if they allow which has been good.
Apr 1, 2010
Similar for me - I was a member 10 years ago and have only recently got back into golf this year. Played several local courses / rounds through the summer but I’ve recently been playing a local par 3 course for winter practice. I think it is going to revolutionise my game for next season where I am about to join a club again. Chipping and putting confidence is sky high and my GIR on the par3s is now better than ever (to be expected I guess)

It takes 55 mins to get round and I can essentially go and play 9 at lunchtime whereas trying to fit a full 9 or 18 in with the shorter days can be tricky.

I’ve managed maybe 20 rounds (mostly solo) since early September as it is so quick and easy to play mid week. It’s been great for me.

In that time I’ve only been to the range twice and feel like my game is better than ever