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    Looking for a game near SW or W London on Saturday

    Hi all, I'm in London on Friday to see some mates, we were going to play on Saturday but they've all cried off citing family reasons. I'm now at a loose end as my missus and littl'un are away. Looking for a game late morning, 10:30 - 11ish, somewhere around SW or west London, I'm heading back...
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    Lessons... They work.

    Been struggling a bit towards the end of this season. In frustration I booked a course of lessons with a PGA pro at the simulator place opposite my work. A 1 hour lesson, some drills to work on at home, and 1 practice session later and on Sunday I went out and shot gross 73 (par 70, sss69)...
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    Golf long weekend in January - where?

    Looking to go on a 3 night 3 or 4 round weekend golfing break in early January. Will likely be me and 3 others, so we will have a 4 ball. Would like it to be warm (doesn't have to be hot, but warm would be nice) reasonably confident of dry weather, and good courses. Not too long a flight...
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    The Walking Dead

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    Pro as club captain?

    So my club has just announced that next year's vice captain is going to be the club pro, meaning the year after that he will be the club captain. No mention of him giving up any of his duties as the club pro. I've never heard of this before, seems unusual, anyone known this happen? I don't...
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    New stand bag needed - recommendations?

    My sun mountain 3.5 stand bag broke last weekend. It's a couple of models old, the model with the 3 grab handles around the top of the bag. It snapped at one of the joints in the top and is definitely unrepairable and unusable. So I'm in the market for a new bag. Front runners so far...
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    Pair of tickets for British masters thursday

    I can't go next week, so have a freebie pair of tickets from Sky going begging. Let me know if you want them. Cheers Stu.
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    Orange whip

    Anyone have one? Thoughts on its usefulness? I am interested in getting one, they are quite pricey and would like to know of anyone has gotten benefit from it before getting one. Thanks Stu
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    Odyssey vline white hot pro, 33" with superstroke slim 3.0 grip fitted. Club is in excellent condition as you can see from the pics, never made the bag full time as I prefer some toe hang and this is face balanced. Recently fitted the superstroke (costing £25) played 2 rounds with it since...
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    Mph4 2 iron

    Wedges pictures, I'd say they were excellent condition, hopefully you can see from the pictures.
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    Mph4 2 iron

    Mph4 2 iron, Callaway mackdaddy 2 tour grind wedges Mph4 2iron, dynamic gold s300 shaft, original mizuno grip with loads of life left. Great club just doesn't have a spot in my bag anymore since I had a re-jig. £50 delivered. Callaway mackdaddy 2 tour grind wedges in silver, with original...
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    4 woods, hybrid and putter for sale

    Having a clear out of stuff no longer in the bag: Callaway x2hot pro 4 wood, 17 degree, aldila tour green stiff shaft. Excellent condition, hardly used. £70 posted Ping g20 4w, 16.5 degree, tour stiff shaft, seen plenty of use, some marking to face and bottom, decent condition. Some bag rub...
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    Driver dilemma - r15 vs 915d2

    So I went for a long game fitting at Celtic manor titleist national fitting centre on Saturday. I spent 2 hours bashing away with trackman and a pro. I was dissatisfied with my current driver but also the whole make up of the top end of the bag, so I decided to go see a proper fitter and get...
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    SLDR mini vs aeroburner mini

    Anyone had a chance to compare them head to head? Tempted by this type of club but would prefer to pick up an older SLDR mini than fork out for the brand new aeroburner, if the performance is similar. Yes I know I should try them myself, would still like to hear about other's experiences...
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    Calm down lads

    It's all getting a bit narky at the moment. People getting antsy for the weather to clear up and lighter evenings for more golf? Seems to be very antagonistic on the forum at the moment, more than usual. Chill out peeps, the summer is on its way, and we've got a 4 day weekend to enjoy. :)...