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    Club Championship - 1st round RANDOM DRAW????

    Has anyone else had this at their club's championship? Every club I have ever known has seeded the first round with the lowest handicappers and championship contenders playing together. The two organisers at my place this year have done it randomly so the low guys have a combination of...
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    Would you have walked in?

    Just been playing a club singles match giving away a ton of shots and my opponent had obviously decided beforehand that wasn't enough so went to the tactic of moving around at the top of my swing, moving when I was trying to putt etc. I called him up on it three separate times but it still...
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    The new version of Spitting Image. Anyone else watch the first one last week? I nearly shat myself at the scene with the cockney Prince George and the Nicola Sturgeon/Alex Salmond version of 500 miles was as good as anything Phil Pope ever wrote for the musical numbers back in the 1980s.
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    Inside the ropes at the PGA Tour event in Tampa this weekend

    Thanks to some media contacts out here, I was able to spend the Saturday at the Valspar event, a truly amazing experience. Was not able to yell out anything near the 18th tee as by that point, I was walking round with one of the main USPGA officials! Walked the morning with Retief Goosen and...
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    Staked tree marked as internal out of bounds

    Besides the point that it was bad planning ... Internal out of bounds down the left hand side of a par-4 to stop people driving on the adjacent fairway. Most markers are white posts. One is a staked tree and the post has been painted white. If you play the previous hole, then there is no OOB...
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    Gerry Anderson love-in

    I am sure there are some other Thunderbirds and Stingray fans on here. I bought myself the UFO box set for Christmas and it's still as watchable as ever even though it is now over 45 years old. Gerry was a legend for all boys of my age growing up. Not that we ever did. FAB
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    Reliving my youth

    Going to see the Specials tomorrow night some 35 years after I first got into their music during the early TwoTone days. Anyone else indulging themselves with band revivals to bring back teenage music memories?
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    Lack of support for a Captain's Day

    Can any club beat 14 players as the total entry for a Captain's Day? Was out early this morning at Sunbury and that was the sum total of people playing in it - two x 3-balls and two x 4-balls. Is this a new low?
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    Harriet Harman is off again Now it's cycling as the world just ignored her about golf. Surely if she wants real equality, the men and women would have to compete together.
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    Can someone wrap a 9-iron round Harriet Harman's head?

    The rent-a-quote mouth of the Labour party jumps in to criticise Muirfield's membership policy and get herself in the news. Irrespective of whether Muirfield is right or wrong, how come she has no problem with Labour having "All-wimmin" shortlists for nominations to stand in an election?
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    Just hit someone with an errant tee shot

    Just hit someone with a drive - horrible feeling seeing someone lying on the ground. Yelled "Fore" and apparently it was his own fault for not ducking but still not a nice feeling. Just hope he's OK. At least it stopped my ball going into a hazard and I made par on the hole! Insurance is all...
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    Pairings for the US Open Qualifying at Walton Heath today

    For anyone who is going along
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    Range/Distance Finder Question

    Apologies if this one has come up before but I need clarification for an in-club magazine article. I know that players cannot use wind/gradient measuring devices in competitions but can use the likes of Sky Caddies etc for distance. But are these only for the use of the player in question...
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    How would you penalise this guy (if at all?)

    Guy plays his second shot on a par four over a water hazard some 70 yards from the green. On approaching the hazard, he says "I'm probably in the water so I'll hit a provisional from here" and does so before anyone can stop him. He then walks round the hazard, finds his original ball some 30...
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    Burning effigies on Bonfire Night A 30ft effigy of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong wearing a Jim'll Fix It badge will be burned in front of thousands of people on Saturday night. This town just has it right - stuff political...