What do Pro's do in the Winter


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Aug 6, 2007
Bracknell - Berkshire
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Now the golf season for most of the main tour has finished what do you think the pro's do in the dark months. Do they diligently go off to warmer climes and work on their swings. Maybe or perhaps in a parallel universe.........

Ian Poulter - goes into business with Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen to design the ultimate garish line of clothing. Think polo shirt with frilly collars etc

Colin Montgomery - booked to play Scrooge in a local school play. Gets into character by watching reruns of how US fans treated him or imagining a camera click at the top of his swing. BAH Humbug

Lee Westwood - Off to Worksop working mens club for a few games of dominoes, a pie and a pint. Off to the bookies for a quick bet on the way home

Rory McIlroy - Rushes back home to get the Scalextrix out. Phones all his new mates on tour and invites them round for a quick race off but his mum tells him to be in bed by 10 as he has to be up early to practice with that nice golfing coach.

Darren Clarke - Gates locked phone off the hook and a crate of the black stuff to be consumed with the sport on loud. Gives Ernie a call and invites him over for a few frames of snooker

Sam Little - Off to Ryman's to buy a calculator to make sure he really did keep his card by a few euro. Then off to buy a lottery ticket!!

and finally Tiger Woods - Up 23 hours a day with Erin and the baby. Snatches a quick 10 minute doze on the way the first tee of his next event. Knocks the first out of bounds and three putts the 2nd. Back to the hotel to change nappies each night and only manages to win by 15 shots.

Maybe just maybe lol

Happy golfing



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Aug 22, 2007
Chatham, Kent.
I wish Ian Poulter could give me one of his pink visors, my pro-shop can't get me one and one of the guy's dads is teh cobra rep for pete's sake.

John Daly - Spends the winter in vegas in a never ending orgy of booze, gambling and lap-dancers........ that sounds like a plan to me actually!


They play on the European Tour.
The European Tour starts again this week...in China!...hang on didn't it just finish last week?
Maybe they should call it the 'Rest of the World Tour' as it's not in Europe until spring.
The close season lasts about a week it seems. It's ridiculous that Rose is crowned European Order of merit winner then the very next week they're off again into the 2008 season 7 or 8 weeks before it's even 2008.....we need a break!
Too many titles diminishes the value of a victory.
For me the new season doesn't start until Augusta in April and I wont pay any attention to the European Tout till then.
It's a money driven corporate machine....where's the love of the game gone?


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Oct 15, 2006
Norn Iron
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I'm sure the struggling professionals who flirt with losing their card every year would say that the winter events are as vital for them as our jobs are for us. Not all pros have millions in the bank and can afford to take 5 months off every year. We think of golf as a hobby but for those guys, it puts food on the table.