Use of Swing Aids When Playing


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Oct 5, 2011
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I played with a fellow club member this weekend and he was wearing a wrist support. When I asked how he had hurt himself he said he was fine but used the brace to support some swing changes he was making following a lesson. I told him that this wasn't allowed under the rules (4.3 I believe) and he immediately took it off. As we were only playing in a friendly game it wasn't a problem but he understood it would have lead to a general penalty in a competition and potentially disqualification.

This lead me to question how you would know if the appliance was hidden, such as a knee brace of elbow support. Are you supposed to declare it prior to play if you are wearing something for medical reasons?


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Sep 2, 2015
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Rule 1.2 - all players are expected to act with integrity. Purposely wearing such things without a medical reason simply to aid your swing wouldn't qualify as "acting with integrity" and would be a breach of Rule 4.3 as you have noted.
There is no obligation to "declare" a medical device, but the careful player would check with the Committee in charge of the competition if he or she felt doubtful or that they would be questioned.