TESTED BY YOU - new reader review page in GM - £50 vouchers to be won!

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Jul 22, 2006
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Hi all

From the June issue of Golf Monthly we'll be introducing a new Reader Review page called 'TESTED BY YOU' where each issue we feature real world reviews from three different golfers

If your review is included in the mag you'll win a £50 voucher to spend online at www.foremostgolf.com courtesy of Foremost Golf, the UK’s Largest golf retail group with over 1,000 expert PGA professionals nationwide. You can visit www.foremostgolf.com to find your local store and get expert advice

Reviews can be of any item of golf gear from drivers to irons, trolleys, balls, shoes or apparel

If you fancy submitting a review please send an email to golfmonthly@ti-media.com with 'TESTED BY YOU' in the subject line, the info below and a head and shoulders passport style pic of you (taken with smartphone is fine!)

  • Name
  • Town/county you live
  • Handicap
  • Name of product reviewed
  • Why did you decide to buy the product? So, 50-100 words max on why you made the purchase. Was it ages since you'd upgraded or to help a part of your game you were struggling with or was it of you just fancied a new bit of golf gear! Did you get custom fitted or buy off the shelf or secondhand.
  • How has the product been performing? So, 50-100 words max on how the club or product has been going for you since you bought it. Any notable performances or rounds you've had with it? Has it improved with the aspect of your game you needed help with?
Not open for further replies.