Please help me understand shaft weights


The Grinder Of Pars (Semi Crocked)
Mar 15, 2008
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If the whole shaft thing is an illusion...why are there so many shafts?
Shaft companies would make so much more money by having just 1 shaft
There would be no tooling costs, manufacturing costs, shipping costs, advertising costs, wages to pay to the thousands of people involved......
If they just made 1 shaft we'd still buy it because, as golfers, we need shafts.
Shaft companies would make millions more profit by making 1 shaft.
Why do you think they don't...? Because they want to sell us a fitting?
Why go through all the costs involved in that, added to those above, to make less money?
Shafts do vary, some by massive amounts, some by not so much.
2 people can get different results from swinging the same club...because we all swing it differently.
Or do we all swing the same..?
If you believe that then there's no point in engaging with you anymore