Pete Finch's latest video - Bearwood Lakes


Journeyman Pro
Jun 20, 2010
Bearwood Lakes, Berks
But it's not a lake, it's two ornamental ponds connected by a monstrosity of a mock waterfall, absolutely awful. (IMHO of course ;) )
that is the coy carp pond by the clubhouse. I think that it is nice - not sure how you could see as a monstrocity - it is not part of the course. The new lakes are 2 much bigger things in the hollow in front of 1 and 18.

Off the whites, the first should not have much impact - but from the black it will have a bit more impact although still unlikely to catch people out unless you mishit - although it will be a more substantial carry - not sure exactly but probably 160ish.

18 will certainly come into play in 2 ways. 1. for the longer hitters - probably about 300-315 depending on angle off the whites - add 40 for blacks. It will be quite imposing for second shots, especially if you are left off the tee and/or in the rough as it could be a full carry. They are pushing the fairway wider on the right to give more of a bail out to use for a 3 shotter