No play penalty area?


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Dec 16, 2020
I guess that is the issue when someone provides a brief summary response to a post of someone else. Neilds question, a good one, seemed to suggest they felt that if it was a NPZ, then the player would simply get free relief, thus not suffering from any penalty. My response was to simply state that this would not be the case, and I quoted 17.1e in case Neilds wanted to looked at the full detail of the rule. For ease of my summery, I simply referred to 17.1e(1) that says:

"When Ball Is In No Play Zone in Penalty Area. The player must take penalty relief under Rule 17.1d or 17.2"

Hopefully that would have cleared up their comment. Of course, if they slightly changed the scenario to ask "but what if" (as I sometimes do when I'm intrigued about an particular rule), then perhaps Part (2) of that rule might have been relevant.

Also, from the OPs question, I would have assumed they wanted the NPZ to match the dimensions of the PA.
That's not the way I read Neilds' question but that is neither here nor there.
Anyone reading Neilds post and then yours might take the wrong understanding that anytime a ball is in a NPZ in a penalty area, the player must take penalty relief. That is not the case, additional issues could be present that may produce a different answer.