New Fairway woods - shallow faces ?

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Dec 17, 2018
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Morning all,
I'm considering changing the top end of my bag. I currently have a Titleist 917 FW set to 4 wood loft, and a Titliest 816 hybrid.
I'm not keep on the hybrid and rarely use it. So was thinking of going back to the old classic set up of a 3 wood and a 5 wood.
When wondering around American Golf the other weekend I noticed that quite a lot of the new breed of FWs have seemingly very shallow faces, particularly the TM Stealth and current Pings.

How do people feel about this, does it give people more confidence than the deeper faced woods, like mine, or do you get scared of hitting under the ball, and skying it, especially if the balls sat up?

Do you have the 917 F2 or F3? Assume you have F3 as this has a deeper face whereas F2 is more shallow. Titleist have had a fairly shallow face on their fairway woods for a while. I used to have a 910Fd which was very compact but the 910F was wider and shallower.

I have a SIM Max now and I find the shallow face much more of a confidence boost when playing from the fairway.