Hybrid vs woods vs driving irons


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Apr 30, 2020
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Interesting clubs but I only wanted a play of my mates club for future reference. I'm not in the market this year.

I take it they didn't quite work for you?
Worked just fine.....I just like to experiment...much to the chagrin of a couple of friends. They are believers in never changing/experimenting. I'm getting more distance+height with the hybrid irons, so in this case the experiment worked. My failed experiments are many though... :(


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Feb 20, 2013
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I have been struggling with the driver so dropped it and played 3 wood instead. To be honest my fairways in regulation jumped and on a few holes I was thinking I would have a long second in but it wasn’t really the case.
So currently I have
Driver 12 degrees - 230 carry is the target
3 wood 15.5 decrees - 230-240yards
4 hybrid 23 degrees -200-210yards
6-45 degrees irons
My irons are strong with my 9 iron giving me around 150-155 yards.
Then it’s 10 yards gaps either side of that.. except 56 which I don’t hit full.
I don’t think I am getting everything out of the driver but even when I was good I used a strong 3 wood and would be past most of my cat 1 peers.


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Jul 29, 2013
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I swapped out my hybrids for FW’s last year, I’ve got a 3, 5 and 7 with the 7 being my favourite club in the bag, long and high and so easy to hit and consistent results.


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Nov 25, 2011
Greensboro, North Carolina.
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4i - 22*
hybrid - 21* Great all rounder, fairway, tee, in the rough or of tight lies
Utility Iron - 19* Great when you have a long shot into the wind or just need a controlled fairway finding tee shot on a short par 4, not so great from a tight lie of out of the rough.
Fairway - 16* - Used a lot off the tee, fairway, tight lies, but not so great in deeper rough.

That is my opinion on how I use the clubs at my top end, as you can see I have a hybrid, a driving iron and a fairway wood. Don't know how good you are at golf and what you are like with long irons. But IMO if you're not very consistent with long irons off the deck then a driving iron is probably not for you. That is unless it is something that you are looking at as a fairway finder from the tee a lot.

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I have…
Driving 2 iron
5i - PW
50, 56, 60

I used to have a 3 and 4 hybrid but they just want to turn left on me all the time, naturally my shape is right to left (except with 3 and 5 wood which have a lovely fade) and the hybrids just go left, then when they get there they put the left indicator on and turn left and keep going left until they take a left at the next town over.
I find driving iron brilliant if you are confident with it, I thought I’d only use if from the tee but it’s a star from the deck too, but I have to swing hard at it, any tentative swing and it doesn’t go, but a confident swing and it’s great.
There are similarities in distance between the 5w and 2i, but flights are different as is roll out, so they both have a spot in the bag at the moment. That may change, I’m toying with putting a 4i in the bag and interchanging the 5w or 2i depending on conditions/course. I have just joined a links course the 2i just runs for days down wind on dry links ground got it out to 260ish the other day, 5w will never get that far. But 200/210 out from a green 2i won’t stop where as 5w will