Golf Buddy Voice +


Club Champion
Jul 3, 2007
I have the Golf Buddy Voice + with the watch strap and I love it.
I used to use the FreeCaddie app on my phone which was great, but having to remove the passcode each time I wanted a distance was a pain. If I didn't lock the screen, then the battery life would shoot down and likely wouldn't last a whole round.

- It's very small, so it's not that much different to wearing a normal watch, which I love.
- It actually has a time function aswell, so I can keep an eye on the time with it on.
- I simply turn up to whatever course I'm playing, switch it on, and within about 2 minutes it's located where I am and it ready to go.
- It has over 35000 courses I believe, so I can't ever imagine a course I play not being on there.
- The screen displays the hole you are on and the yardages to the front, middle and back of the green.
- The device automatically knows when I'm on the next tee box so it moves on automatically, I don't have to press to do this myself
- The voice is quiet and not off putting at all, but still loud enough to hear (although to be fair I muted mine the first day I got it as I just need a quick glance to find yardages, I don't need to be told. I'd imagine the voice feature would be more use for people who are short-sighted and struggle to read the distances close up)
- The device lasts for at least 2 whole rounds before requiring a charge, and the charging time is very minimal.
- Someone said this would be no good for dog legs etc. It is. It works great for dog legs etc.
- It gives exact distance to where you are, so for example if you were hole high but 30 yards to the right of the green, it would show 30 yards whereas some others wouldn't.

- If you hit a wild slice onto another hole the device will change to the hole you are on (How else do people expect the 'automatic move on to the next hole' feature to work if it didn't?). However, press a couple of buttons to tell it which hole you're on and it changes back.

Overall I'd definitely recommend it, although to be fair this is the first device like this I've used (apart from phone apps). Therefore as I haven't tried other devices like the Garmin, Bushnell etc, I can't compare against those.