Getting the itch for new clubs - what's the best approach?


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Sep 2, 2021
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A fitter will never think wtf.A good fitter will simply help you find the best clubs for you. Simple.

Also if you can afford new then why not ? I know many say buy cheap etc etc , but a properly fitted set of new clubs will last you a long time, even through improvements in your game.

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Sep 12, 2017
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If you live anywhere near the Sub 70 shop in Hereford, I'd go for a fitting. Clubs are good, cheaper than the big name brands.

And even if it means a road trip trip to Hereford, the fuel cost will be covered many times over by the saving on the clubs.

Me and my two sons, h'caps 11, 7 and 5 are converts. Top quality gear. Won't be filling the top brands coffers ever again!

Why buy 2nd hand when you can have brand new, professionally fitted clubs that perform just as well for a lower price?


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Aug 2, 2017
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For some backstory, I've been playing regularly for about a year, scoring around 100-110.

I want to start off by saying that I know the best way to spend your money in golf is lessons - I have had some and will get some more in the near future, so let's get that sensible thinking out of the way early!

I don't want to spend a fortune, I don't need brand new clubs or the latest and greatest. My current set is a RAM package set from like 2011 and I believe that the technology in clubs (particularly driver) could mean that I am missing out massively in terms of distance and forgiveness.

I don't really want to go for another package set such as the Callaway Edge. I'd prefer to build my bag up bit by bit with some decent quality second hand clubs.

I'm torn, however, because while I'm not good enough to justify brand new sticks, I don't want to hamper myself by buying second hand clubs in the wrong spec etc. So I don't know whether to go for a fitting (is it worth it at my ability level, especially when clubs are built to a tolerance anyway?) or just to launch in with some irons. So a few questions:

  • Fitting or not?
  • Irons first? Driver? Wedges?
  • Recommendations of clubs or brands to look at?
And any other things you guys might think of.

I've asked this question numerous times before on other forums, but I've never committed to buying anything and then I forget everything. Ideally I'd like to get a set of irons or a driver or something in mind, and have something to save up for. I am a fan of the Cobra King F9 driver, but as an example of problems I face, I don't know what shaft I need - I don't think I have a fast swing, but I have no idea. A better driver might make me more confident and I might start swinging faster etc

Current bag, as stated, is a RAM package set which consists of driver, 3W, 22deg 4 hybrid, 5i-PW, SW, putter

What is your price range out of interest?

Fitting or not? I will always say fitting

Irons first? Driver? Wedges? If it were me I would be happier with a second hand but decent driver and fitted irons. So I would personally go for irons first

Recommendations of clubs or brands to look at? If you are not too interested in re-sale I would recommend one of the smaller brands, you can usually get very very good clubs for a lot less, my wife had some Wishons built for her, she is small and left handed, whole set cost £400 for brand new sticks that on the numbers were as good as any of the big names she was hitting.

If the budget stretches I would look to a club builder, again they don't actually cost more than the big names


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Jan 23, 2014
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I have a feeling that @clubchamp98 has just pulled the trigger on one. He is a low h/c golfer though. The 0211 range is more aimed at higher h/c golfers but for drivers it should not matter. The 60 day send back should also offer some pretty big comfort when buying.

For irons, the OP should look at something like Ping G25's or G30's. Good tech still but nearer the £200 mark, or below. The Pings are pretty forgiving and if you don't like them they hold their value well and you wont lose much on them.

Whatever you buy, they should be way better than an old set of RAM's
Yes I have.
The 0311 xf. Gen 5.
£250 for a driver of that quality is a good deal with the prices now.
It’s a great driver at almost second hand price .
60 days and you can just send it back no questions asked ,probably get more for it on eBay.


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Sep 18, 2022
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I've had callaway BB for years but the wife said for my 50th this October she will spoil me with a fitted new set of clubs so I looked into the prices etc she was happy to spend £1000 to cut a long story short I decided to buy nearly new clubs at second hand prices I wanted to stay with callaway so I Google best callaway clubs for mid to high handicap then looked on ebay,gumtree,Facebook market we will be surprised at the amount of people that buy brand new use them for a couple of rounds then sell them at a bargain price , I got a set of callaway apex pro, callaway rogue st max driver, callaway Hyper trolley bag for my £1000 second hand our new buy quality to last


Nov 15, 2021
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I've bought quite happily from - cheaper than golfbidder (who also have a great reputation). As far as fitting goes: I was told by a teaching pro once that considering my height and swing I should get clubs +0.5 inch and 1 or 2 degrees upright. So I've stuck to that. Seems to work okay - at least, it's not the clubs that are holding me back. The wisdom until about 10 years ago was that as long as you're between 1.75m - 1.80m and don't have really long arms etc you're most likely fine with off the rack. I know a guy who got talked into a full fitting which led him to buy a fully new set - with the exact same specs as his 2 year old perfectly fine Cobra set... Just goes to show, people want to believe what they want. He recently confided in me that he's never really hit those new clubs any better than the old ones. And, to answer another of your questions, if you had no clubs at all, I would start with finding irons that you like and work for you. Then add hybrids and woods as you go. But, in your case, you might instead improve the long clubs first, and cycle out the irons last.
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