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This is not a dig at anyone in particular, so please no one take offence but I’m really curious about the people you meet on forums. Ive seen it for years and i don’t really go on many forums but there’s definitely a completely different mindset from the wealthy and the poor and ill try and explain my experience.

So other forums ive seen this where people are jealous of people doing well and will hate on them or just make the usual smart arse comments are the gold forums. Joined one of them years ago to learn about stacking bullion, you get the photo section people show what they buy everyone is happy getting along, then the guy with the biggest stack starts to get hated on when he shows his stack why ? Why are people threatened by someone who has more than them ?

Another great example, watch forums. Everyone showing there collection everyone happy to see what photos then someone comes along and wants to buy there first watch and its a 6 figure watch and he just gets absolutely trolled from the people on the forums who are not at that level and funnily enough the real wealthy ones on the watch forums are only too happy to help the new member.

I have only ever been on one forum were that doesn’t exist and thats the oud forum. Anyone unfamiliar with oud. Its a essential oil and people wear it as fragrance myself included. To get into oud your probably looking at minimum 20/30k to get a feel for what regions you like and then its a seriously expensive hobby to get into. High end stuff is around 5k for just 3ml so you can literally have 400/500 worth of fragrance on you in a day But on that forum no one makes nasty comments everyone is genuinely happy for each other. The oud community is largely comprised of muslims and im not sure if there just raised differently and have better values but there doesn’t seem to be any jealousy.

So this is my final post on the forum, I don't like to engage with any negative people in life and wish you all well.


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Sep 3, 2007
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Why would anyone want to go post pictures of how much bullion they have stacked, or tell me that they wear an essential oil that costs £300 a drop?

Only someone with an ego that needs patting, or someone with a need to feel better because he has so much more than most. But why do we need to know about it on a golf forum....


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Jan 3, 2013
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The forums you have outlined, particularly the gold ones, are wealth based, so I would think it is to be expected that some will display their wealth and others will be jealous. I have to say, showing a stash of gold on the internet is both risky and showing off, IMO.
Internet based forums are prone to keyboard warrior syndrome where people say things they wouldn’t dream of saying face to face, so I think you have to make allowances for that. Don’t mistake social media for real life.
I haven’t looked at other threads you may be involved with, so I am not sure if you have received a negative experience on here, but I have to say, when conversing about our main common interest - golf - most of not all on here are genuinely pleased for others when they have new equipment, success on the course, hole-in-one etc. I am sorry if you have experienced something different.


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Apr 30, 2020
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Everybody on this forum seems fine to me....
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