Can anyone recommend a chainsaw please?

Mar 3, 2008
sarf Lunnon
Thank you all. I am doing this myself as its actually the neighbours hedge (which our old neighbours neglected) so I don't want to pay £1,000 for something that they should - but they have just had their second child and I guess they have better things to spend their money on. Also, this wont be something that I won't do over a weekend. This will take months. Having said that, I did google 'chainsaw injuries'.....hmmm....

I think a hand saw will be a wiser option. We see people down the range or on the course without a clue and in chainsaw speak, that would be me (but bad golf doesn't cost a limb!).

Would this be any good?
Or try one of the smaller 15inch triangular shaped ones - much better at getting in small spaces where there are lots of stems. Or as others have suggested, try one of the "Silky" saws. They are sharp as dragons teeth, light as a feather and are used one handed with a "pull" action. They are what the pro's use for most tree pruning jobs where nothing especially big needs cutting.


Jul 13, 2015
I have two McCulloch chainsaws. An electric battery operated one that I use for smaller cuts which is also quieter if "scavenging" wood. I also have a more powerful petrol model.

A log burner = chainsaw is a must for me.