Augusta - If you had one chance, just one chance.......


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Jul 14, 2011
Visit site play just one hole - which one would you pick?

Theoretically, you win a comp on GM (fine upstanding and well connected magazine that it is;)) and you can play the par 3 course and just one hole on the main course.

Which hole would you pick?

Would you pick, what in your opinion, is the most iconic hole?

Would you pick one of the hardest holes, so as to give you the greatest challenge?

Would you pick one of the easier holes, as you think you could potentially birdie?

Dont know what I'd pick meself.

Maybe a par 5 as you would get more shots, any of them suit a fade?:D

Slightly different to the main masters thread, as just about the course.

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18, and imagine it was the final hole to win the Masters.


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Aug 6, 2010
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13 for me, suits a big high hook off the tee (expect ill be playing 3 or maybe 5 off the tee lol). Once Ive finally got a tee shot in play then a long iron over the creek and a fun putt down the hill.

The other option is I hit a scared block off the trees, duff it off the pine needles, finally hack it back into play, lay up, chunk it in to the creek, thin the next one into the back bunker, thin it back into the creek and then finally pick as I clearly cant score by now ;) )

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Reasons, reasons, Phil.

You've got to show your working out.:thup:

Just look at it - want to crack a driver hugging the trees whilst it draws round the corner leaving me a good 200 yards in then having a crack at a flag cut at the front.

Norrin Radd

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Aug 6, 2015
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slightly off topic but not to far ,its not really a hole i would want to play ,but from the same positions that iconic shots have been played from .
Sandys bunker shot .
Bubbas bender on 10 .
Tigers chip on 16
Louis and his albatross on 2
the second shot to 13 and 15
the approach to 11
tee shots at 12 and 16 and of course 18 .
it just go`s on .
what about Phils shot from the trees to break Westwoods heart.