any regular visitors to the Algarve for golf?

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Jul 22, 2006
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hi all

we are looking for golfers who have been to the Algarve several times on golf trips to answer a few quick questions for a feature we are running in our annual ultimate golf travel guide supplement with the November issue

If we use your response we'll send you a dozen premium golf balls

Here are the questions - only a couple of sentences needed on each. also need a picture of you, if it's of you playing golf in the Algarve then so much the better!

Your earliest golfing memory of the Algarve?
Your most memorable things and places?
How often do you visit and with who (friends, family, society, etc.)?
Favourite courses - and why?
Can you fly to Faro direct from your local airport? (and which?)
1 insider tip…
What does the Algarve mean to you in maximum 3 words
Name, age, handicap, golf club you’re a member at

email you responses to me at
Not open for further replies.