2021 Professional Golf Thread


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Oct 9, 2020
Must check back through the forum to make sure none of the people using the 'Bottler' term have ever mentioned blowing a good medal round after being under par at the turn, or moaned about how the pressure is terrible when they have a card in hand or any other case of not playing perfect for a full 18 holes! Easy when sat behind a keyboard :LOL:
People who have to play stableford and pick up 6ft gimmies, because proper golf is too stressful/difficult to play during social rounds calling professionals bottlers is always amusing 😂
Jan 22, 2013
Not to pick on you, but i just went back remembering the bit of stick Rory got. I thought Morikawa would be a sure thing with a five shot lead, but just shows even he can't always elevate himself and cope with the pressure. Couple of bad shots, couple of bad breaks and struggle to keep the wheels on in the pressure moment. Guess that's why sport is so fascinating.
It was surprising but I wouldn't read too much into it. To be honest I didn't watch much of this, although I did periodically check each day - McIlroy led (joint) after day 1, installed as favourite; BDC after day 2, installed as favourite; Morikawa after day 3, installed as favourite; Hovland wins day 4.

In a field of 20 players I'm not sure how seriously players or organisers took this - when Spieth & Stenson play from the wrong tee boxes for example and last place still nets you $100k - the motivation might have been lacking.

That said, I think victory may have gave Morikawa the world no. 1 spot (is it fair such a select field was allowed to collect ranking points?) so arguably he had plenty of motivation but I think ultimately it's a bit of an exhibition match / tournament. The host and his limited range session was the most interesting thing here.

If he has a 5 shot lead at the Masters going into the last day, I think he'll cope with the pressure just fine.