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    Top courses in worst condition

    Disagree. Brilliant golf course
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    Praia Del Rey/West Cliffs

    West cliffs is the better and tougher for sure. Almost certain they have clubs
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    England top 100

    75 for me. St Enodoc way too high as usual. The rest is fairly correct imo.
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    Home Sim-Set-Ups

    Yep. Comical
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    Home Sim-Set-Ups

    You’ll be surprised how cheap the ProTee set up can be. Did you enjoy hitting shots out of a divot too 😂
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    Home Sim-Set-Ups

    ProTee is pants. Uses sensors under the ball. They have to fiddle with lighting to try balance it out etc. Gc2 is the way to go. People don’t need head data for practice. It’s dangerous without a coach.
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    Home Sim-Set-Ups

    I have to ask why would you get radar? Even trackman is pretty average indoors……
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    Midlands Indoor Golf

    looks good but their business model confuses me. £10 an hour is stupid. This time of yeah they could charge £25 easily and people wouldn’t bat an eyelid. They have to run at full capacity to make £10 an hour more than my golf centre with only 2 sims. I’ve been fully booked every evening since...
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    Request for opinions - Breakdown Cover…

    Legend thanks mate
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    Request for opinions - Breakdown Cover…

    I’m doing some work on how breakdown cover could be improved for customers (price not an option). Could you please give me any views etc to help me with my presentation? My main view is that is so bloody hard to understand easily what you’re paying for….. literally any views appreciated
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    Tour striker Planemate

    Hi mate. Yes I do still use it. Mainly for 7irons and PWs. Definitely helps
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    Rowlands Castle and Waterlooville

    I was a member at the Ville for years as a junior. Greens are brill in summer but course get very wet in winter. It’s only wide off the tee if you’re REALLY wide. If your 10yds off the fairway you’re in the trees on every hole. Not a fan of Rowlands. I find it super boring (oh and they’re a...
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    Golf sim setup recommendations

    If you want any advice please let me know. I’ve got 2 sims I built.
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    Snell MTB

    I managed to get 2 dozen a few weeks ago as a previous buyer. I believe they’re due more stock in next few weeks. Incredible ball, and I’m sure the new MGS report next week will further prove that opinion
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    Personal range monitors.

    My local competitor has opened up with a skytrak and optishot 😂