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    Breadsall Priory

    Morning all. Missus has surprised me with a night at the marriott and a round on the Priory tomorrow. just looking to get abit of information on the course? Experiences? Also shes 16 weeks pregnant and said she will walk with me... Saw a review its a struggle up and down hills? Would you think...
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    Arghhhhh Tempo!

    Why cant I control it out on the course! This has been a constant issue since I took up the game I just get quicker and quicker through the round and then have next to no balance... Played twice since hurting my back and hit the range a couple of times where I pretty much just worked on holdinf...
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    Forum Swingers!

    So I had an idea tonight and I am sure a few people wont want to get involved... which is fine - don't But I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's swing - I have read some peoples advice on here and thought wow they must seriously hit it like Rory and alternatively people mention...
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    How do you want to play golf...

    Long story short I played in a society recently abroad... My 3 playing partners were off 10,11,14 which I would consider a decent golfer. I am currently playing to about 16/17 with an official handicap of 19 after a few recent cuts... I would class myself as an improving golfer and I hope to...
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    Putting Games (Practise)

    As I mentioned on another thread I am going to Fuerteventura for a week and want to take advantage of the weather... I get ridiculously bored when lying on a sunbed all day and normally take myself off for an hour somewhere leaving the missus to chill. I have "negotiated" 2 rounds of golf when...
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    What is a Mid-Handicap?

    I have recently became infatuated with Muzino irons and am convinced my poor resistance to impulse buying will lead to me accidently going and getting fitted for a whole set. As I have started to improve I decided my next set of clubs will be whatever works best and I will have no other...
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    Fuerteventura later this week!

    Im lucky enough to be spending a week at the Sheraton Golf Resort & Spa which is attached to the Fuerteventura Golf Club and was wondering if anyone has played the course and linked up with any of the societies out there. A couple of years ago I joined the Correlejo GS who were mainly a bunch...
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    One of those threads!

    If I start a thread on here 9/10 it is for tips/advise to improve or talk about where I am going wrong so now things are turning around abit I thought I would post about that ;-) I normally love to read when someone posts about their improvements and after achieving a few of my goals this year I...
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    Special GM subscription offer - this week only

    Do you get a free wedge?
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    Curing an early extension? Ache's?

    Worked hard on the range yesterday as I think early extension has led to my poor shots and I worked on the chair drill (used an invisible chair) and really feeling the backswing in my right cheek and follow through in my right. Unforthnately my iphone battery ran flat so I weren't able to video...
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    I try too hard!

    So I know myself from being on this site a while its quite a generic thread to post "Why cant I play like I do on the range" and although this is linked I guess its not exactly what I mean. I honestly cant stop trying too hard... When I am practising whether its on the range/practice...
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    Which is my provisional?

    Hi Guys, I have started to mark my balls with a putting line and colouring in the number with a black dot. All of the balls now look identical and I wondered what would happen if I teed off and hit it left into the tree's... I then call a provisional and play near enough the exact same shot...
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    Westwood final round???

    Has there been one of his shots on Sky coverage.... Seen a couple of Walker tap ins but thats it?
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    I did something pretty crazy today!

    I realised after coming back to golf after 8 months of no golf just how obsessed I am with it again... I realised in 7 weeks I have spent 200 on green fee's alone and the only logical thing would to do is wake up and join a golf club today... the problem with that is me and my missus share a...
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    Hit the driver 447 yards...

    Apparently Colsaerts has hit his driver that far on the 18th today... He hit a gap wedge into the green... Message to the admins... Sign him uuup, sign him uuuup sign him uuuuup!