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    Do your clubs fit in your car boot?

    Have this as well. Really wanted a bigger car as first child came along and also have a dog. So can fit the clubs and trolley in easily but on other days I have the pram and dog in with no problems. Can't be dealing with a small boot anymore even if i do miss the performance of my last car
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    Membership Rebate

    We have a course levy at our club. £60 per year and the money is reserved for course improvements. There was a discussion about scrapping it this year but i'd rather pay the £60 and have the course moving forward. Normally gets spent on things like redoing paths (we put a full cart path round...
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    I bought today.....

    And even more interesting is that the shoes from the same brand are not always the same. I have a pair of ProSLs in size 10.5 (I am normally an 11). My friend has a pair of the superlites and said they are also big fitting so I bought a pair of superlites online in 10.5 and they are too small...
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    Membership Rebate

    I don't think there is a real waiting list at the moment, maybe about 10 but with renewals up they should get in no problem It is a tough situation for the tee times. I only joined 5 years ago as I got a time and wouldn't join a club I couldn't get a Saturday time for, that was part of my...
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    Membership Rebate

    I do think it is worth the extra cost. It is a great club and the courses are fantastic. I have heard about the goings ons at Bangor and it does seem like there is some unrest. We have managed to pick up quite a few members from other clubs recently and we had a waiting list for a while but it...
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    Membership Rebate

    As Brendy says, the Mahee ones went to blackwood and it is now known as Blackwood and Mahee golf club or something along those lines. Clandeboye doesn't have a range apart from the practice field down the road but we are in the process of adding a 230 yard range but it will be bring your own...
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    Membership Rebate

    Welcome! I am sure you will love it here
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    Win a pair of the all-new FootJoy Premiere Series!

    Flint White 11
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    FJ Giveaway...

    That is very true. Getting any money back is an achievement! But it still hurts to this day! How does that bet work? Sounds like it can only go wrong haha
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    FJ Giveaway...

    My worst one was about 6/7 years ago. Was a Thursday night and the Europa league was on. I was away with work and working late so decided to stick £10 a 5 fold accumulator on to help pass the time. At about 80 mins all games were drawing but i was still being offered £12 cash out. So i...
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    What is it with Rory at Augusta?

    Before lockdown he was quite easily the best player in the world, unfortunately since golf resumed he hasnt been playing great. I think there was a lot of hope he would perform this week but there wasnt much evidence showing this would happen. With the added pressure of Augusta and maybe even...
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    Green recovery time.

    We normally do our greens work end of August. We get a bit of stick for it due to it still being the playing season but the result is fantastic greens about 2 weeks later and they are great all winter. We pushed it back a few weeks this year into the second week of september. Got very lucky...
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    Monte Rei or Old Course

    Palmares is absolutely fantastic. Been to Portugal twice and the first time we sort of stumbled upon it by accident. Ended up playing it twice, to hit all 3 9's. The next time we went back we had to play it and went out of our way to do so. The links and heathland 9 are my favourite but all 3...
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    NRs in medal

    That is not too bad. As we moved from handing in a physical card to online score entry our numbers for not returning a score was about 20/25 per comp out of about 140 people. This just couldn't go on so the punishment had to be brought in. We now see about 2 or 3 which is a great result.
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    NRs in medal

    You need to be clear here as to what you mean by Non Return. Not submitting your card at all is a big no no. Having a mare and picking up but continuing on from the next hole is no issue. We are all amateurs and can have a mare, whats the point in scoring an 11 on a hole to hold everyone else...