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    Another Bunker question

    Thanks every1 , i had fair idea i was correct but when enough tell u ur wrong u begin to wonder ,
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    Another Bunker question

    Im fairly sure i have this right but all except 1in group says it has changed . So it has caused me some doubt , Touching sand on back swing is still a penalty isnt it ? Or am i missing a rule change, Thanks in advance
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    I Have Finally Mastered Golf! #Scratch

    Massive Congrats Karen thats a phenomanal achievement , them last few .1s are very hard to lose , mate of mine said when the pressure of geting there lifted he kicked on easier . Skys the limit now lady , keep pushing and best of luck . 👏🏌‍♀️⛳
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    Bunker question please

    Thank you
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    Bunker question please

    Thank u Colin, i was not sure about the improving ur lie bit . Much appreciated
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    Bunker question please

    When removing a stone behind ur ball , the ball moves , penalty for causing a ball at rest (not on green to move ) ?? You must replace the ball . But must u also replace the stone ? If u dont replace the stone is it a penalty for improving ur lie also ? Thanks in advance
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    Ryder Cup Weekend... what you doing?

    Fri work til 4 , ryder cup Sat work til 1 ryder cup Sun . Medal 8.30am - ryder cup . Check on family in between once r twice
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    Win a pair of FootJoy shoes

    Cantalay 3 points Usa 12.5 Eur 15.5
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    Overhead power lines

    Thank u Colin
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    Overhead power lines

    Question i was asked today re ball hitting overhead power lines , i said im fairly sure it has to be covered by a LR , others adamant it was replay no penalty , i advised him to use option to play 2 balls and clarify later , which he did . Is there a rule im missing ? Or is it covered by LR...
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    Invitation day problem

    Must be a Charles Heath somewhere too🤔🧐
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    DQ for not returning card.

    Is there not a facility to enter the card at the club when u finish ? Most places ive played u finish ur round, enter ur score on computer, throw scorecard in box , go on ur way
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    Dq played from wrong tees, can scores count in WHs

    Waiting on a reply from Golf Ireland , see what their decision is
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    Dq played from wrong tees, can scores count in WHs

    Cheers Mike , the 2 guys that played well have their HI gone up not down as a result , awful mess all round