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Feb 21, 2013
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I understand your response but thought that every 10 years the course had to be measured and a certificate issued for it to be acceptable to play rounds suitable for handicap. This is independent to the WHS assessment and is normally done by a private contractor.

With modern GPS capabilities this often doesn't involve a physical visit unless something has changed.

Be interesting to see if the authorities are going to enforce some of the issues highlighted in this thread which are fairly widespread.
10 years is the maximum time between ratings unless there are any significant changes when a course must request a new rating.
But the national authority may require a rerating at any time if they believe it necessary.
If it was evident that a legitimate teeing area (2 CL deep) could not be provided they may insist on a rerating or moving the permanent markers.

Incidentally, the Course Rating is a fundamental part of WHS. It is not independent. It is always done by a trained team from the County. The measurement of course length is done by approved private contractors on site, normally using electronic surveying equipment. They work to the specifications in the WHS (previously USGA) Course Rating Manual.
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