Royal North Devon?

Aug 2, 2017
I wouldn't go out of my way to play RND, but if you are literally next door then it's definitely worth a round even just for the history and to see how the original golf courses were laid out.

As a side not, cannot believe how expensive Saunton has got. When I was young it used to be such a down to earth friendly club, used to cost £20 with county card. You'd check in, get some breakfast and the club manager would come sit with you talk through the course and strategy for the first few holes


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Jun 7, 2017
Agree with the majority of comments, it's a very marmite course. To the OP, by all means play it and make up your own mind. I've played it twice but wouldn't rush back again.
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May 26, 2010
Gloucester, UK
So, an update in case anyone cares. We had so much stuff in the car that I literally could not fit the clubs in. I was immensely disappointed…however, walking through the course yesterday to get to the beach quickly put a stop to that disappointment…it’s not that I wouldn’t play it, but for £90+ a round (and even £50 during twilight), I’d have been upset with parting with that much money for a course with greens that don’t seem all that looked after (or not very consistent to say the least).

I get that links courses can be a bit ‘rough and ready’ in parts due to the elements, and maybe I’ve been spoiled with other courses I’ve played; but it certainly didn’t give off the vibe of a top golf course.