Ridiculous golf shots

Voyager EMH

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Mar 14, 2021
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This happened sometime back in the 1990s in a club comp.
5th hole, 577 yards, par 5, stroke index 1.

We had small concrete cubes as the tee markers back then.
Hit a daisy-cutter drive that clipped the top of a yellow cube. Ball shot up in the air, came backwards. landed a few yards in front of me and trickled down the bank at the back of the tee.
I laughed as much as my playing partners.

I had over 580 yards to go and had to play a lofted iron to get over the tee. Second shot finished just short of the fairway.
Fairway wood third shot was well struck and rolled well down the very dry fairway in the middle of summer.
Had a downhill lie and struck a mid-iron that again ran well and looked as if it might make the green.
Got to the green to see the ball 6 feet from the pin.
Yep, in for a par.


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Jun 9, 2009
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i was playing a club match against Kilmarnock Brassie a few years ago, heavily hung over as we had played Western Gailes the day before and their ploy was to get us as drunk as possible, before during and after the game.

the first is a par 5 with a railway line flanked by houses. i hit a massive block off the tee which went straight OOB into the railway line. we all saw it take two massive bounces off the tracks before disappearing. i didnt both hitting a prov as my partner was straight down the middle. got down the oppo both played their shots so had my partner, when we get to a ball thats just on the edge of the fairway way past every one by some distance. one of our oppo goes over and says its a Prov1 with a line and some dots and two big scuff marks.... it was mine:ROFLMAO: