pre shot routines?


Jun 20, 2007
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i,m interested to hear anyones pre shot routines, many people have told me that the best way to prepare for a shot is to get myself a routine to go through before a shot to prepare myself mentally and physically and therefore get away more consistently, anybody wanna share their's for me to try, or maybe just share any little quirks for a laugh


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Jun 11, 2007
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For what it's worth, this is what I currently do (sure it won’t stay this way for ever)

Stand behind the ball and choose the shot I wish to play
Select a target (maybe a tree, line on the fairway, bunker or part of the green)
Stand Left of the ball and practice the required swing
(Practice again if it didn’t feel right)
Approach the ball
Look at my selected target
Lift the club (to relieve tension)
Look again
Lift again
Look again

The theory is:
It prevents me from swing thoughts while hitting the ball, as I’ve just practiced the required swing.
It keeps a positive target in my mind, rather than thinking where I don’t want the ball to go.
Because it’s a relatively slow routine, it slows my rhythm down and stops me thrashing at the ball.

I must admit, I should probably do something with my alignment when I approach the ball, but I don’t…..


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Mar 9, 2007
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Alignment is the key. My routine, such as it is:

1/ put bag down (a good start).
2/ look for 150 yard posts or some clue as to distance.
3/ look for wind direction, maybe throw some grass in the air.
4/ select club / shot choice.
5/ step back 6 or so paces and have practice swing (maybe not a full one, just to feel the club).
6/ select target line (flag, tree, bunker, whatever).
7/ pick out something on this line about 12" from the ball.
8/ walk from directly behind the ball to position club face pointing on this line.
9/ take stance
10/ pick up club and hovver it behind ball.
11/ pull trigger.
12/ go do it all again.


Jun 2, 2007
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Pick spot on the ground in line with target while standing behind the ball.

Stand alongside the ball parallel to that line but far enough away for a practice swing.

Check back foot is square to the line and shoulders are in line with feet.

Practice swing as though meaning to hit the ball, maybe more than once.

Step forward to the ball,check everything is aligned and as somebody said "pull the trigger".


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Nov 30, 2006
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Pre-shot routines are a must..but whatever routine you pick, it must always serve a purpose in aim and alignment; if it is a putt/chip/pitch/lob or bunker shot then it should also include getting a feel for the distance. Putting is probably the most important shot to have pre-shot routine yet it is probably given the least attention, and hence where many shots are lost!