Open Timesheets on ClubV1 system


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Mar 7, 2024
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Hi all,
We have recently started opening up our weekend timesheets to both men and ladies, for normal stableford comps where people choose their own tee time the system works great as you can create the men's comp and then when creating the ladies comp just use the option ''Use existing timesheet''.
However I'm just looking at setting up the Medal and Major comps and we would like to keep the open timesheet option but the setup isn't as easy because these are zoned draws. My first attempt was to just setup the comp's as Mixed Medals which will allow for the open timesheets but when using the aggregate print function over multiple days it doesn't allow me to separate men and ladies for prize purposes. This will lead to manual work around exporting to excel and would rather avoid as open to errors. Have raised this with ClubV1 who are going to ask their Dev team to loo at but just wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar issue?