Is this acceptable?

Nov 1, 2016
I love matchplay, particularly the psychology around gimmies.

As a general rule I'll give everything on the front nine (as long as the match is pretty close), before being stingy on the back. I'm a fan of the 'good good' and seldom refuse one. On one particular occasion, playing our 5th we were both equidistant, about 5 feet and I offered the good good, which was refused... I told him he could have his anyway, strolled up and knocked mine in for the half. I had a bit of a bounce to the next tee.. whereas his head had gone... and he knocked his tee shot OB. Whenever I see him he still mentions it...
Surely you've already lost by then after all the 12 and 15 footers you gave them on the front? 🤣
Jan 23, 2014
I totally understand that, just don't understand the mentality that some folk don't expect to be made to hole out and freak out when asked to do so.

If you haven't hit a putt for a few holes then you should be extra ready to be asked to hole out.
Might have something to do with He thinks , you think he’s a poor putter.
So starts thinking am I as good as I think I am.?
Gets to a lot of golfers.
Sep 15, 2020
Each to their own regarding the putts.

I'll always tend to give gimmes 2ft in, in those sorts of games. But equally not fussed if we're to hole out everything.

The coming over to help look for the lost ball then stopping is poor form.