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Jul 8, 2012
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Addington palace. Very easy to commute to on a train, secure lockers so clubs can stay at the club.

From all the Croydon based courses it’s the better one, drains very well too.

I’ve been at Croham (potentially going back) nice course but bunkers and tees need work, invested a lot over last two years on green irrigation upgrades.

Shirley park, 10/14/15 really struggle in the winter, 5/6/11 burn out quick in the summer.

Purley downs by all accounts is the best condition , but rarely a flat lie.

Farleigh, never closes , drains well but super busy. Great clubhouse and great social side with a great swindle. Currently a member having done almost 14 years but not renewing.

Palace, great members course, in my opinion the best lay out in the area.
You have to be joking about Addington palace ?


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Jun 20, 2010
Croydon, Surrey
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You have to be joking about Addington palace ?

Do I?

I haven’t played purely downs but from The Addington, Shirley park, Croham hurst, both addington courts I’d pick it layout wise every time. I’d also include it as a better lay out than west Kent, high elms, cherry lodge, park wood, woldingham & chipstead if I were to cast the net a bit further.

This is based on course layout only.


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Nov 5, 2023
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Has anyone got an update on the greens at addington palace? I payed it in october with a view to joining this year. I liked the layout and the clubhkuse just not sure how the greens are recovering