Flightscope XI+ Launch Monitor


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Jul 28, 2018
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I'm in two minds about keeping this however it's looking unlikely i'm going to find the time to best use it or justify joining a course in the UK for that matter over the upcoming season due to work commitments.

I bought this off a well respected forummer in April/May 2019 fitted with a new battery at the time and will outlast any single practice session easily. Comes with carry case, charger and some metallic stickers if using indoors/in a net to give accurate spin numbers and other parameters also has the original box etc. The stickers are only necessary when hitting a ball into net or screen as the radar can't pick up the full flight it needs assistance in picking up certain parameters such as spin etc.

This does require you download a supporting app on an apple or android device. However I have found the best experience to be on apple devices, android apps just seem less well developed. I used this on Apple 8 & 10 and Ipad Pro and it works brilliantly. Skills App allows you to play challenges, make challenges, compete and test etc. which you can do on a mobile or ipad whilst picking up a few paramters at the same time (see images below). FS/VX picks up all the available parameters so you can review each shot in detail and determine your averages etc. however this requires an Ipad/tablet. The apps used to cost £10-20 each which I paid for both however they are now free to download and use with all features.

Parameters of the XI+

Carry Distance
Total Distance
Roll Distance
Ball Speed
Landing Position
Lateral Deviation
Skills Distance to the Pin
Skills Score
Vertical Launch Angle
Horizontal Launch Angle
Spin Axis and Spin
Spin Loft
Shot Dispersion
Club Head Speed
Smash Factor
Angle of Attack
Club Speed Profile
Club Acceleration Profile
Descent Angle

This unit has been absolutely brilliant alongside lessons to log my progress and share with my coach. It's quick and easy to set-up as it self adjusts and projects all information and setting adjustments through whatever device you run the app on. I really don't want to part with this as it's such a great tool to develop and see the impact of tweaks etc. but I can't justify using it once or twice over the course of a season.

As this is the Taylor Made unit it has a couple of extra features which I can't remember off the top of my head but this includes Descent angle and a couple others which aren't on the standard XI+ units. (It basically puts this unit between the XI+ and XI Tour)

I'll get some additional pictures uploaded tonight of the unit and accessories but have a couple to hand of the skills app etc. for now. The unit and all accessories are in full working order and looked after throughout its life.

Any questions just ask. I'm up as far as Liverpool and down as far as Heathrow on a weekly basis so will happily meet up with the unit to demo and showcase in its full working order for any interested parties. I'd rather drive to meet someone than post the unit to prevent damage during courier process.

This is a radar device and is very accurate, I'd personally advise this is best for those that want to use it on a practice ground or range etc. It can be used indoors and in nets however the units full potential is realised outdoors. A very accurate unit which originally retailed for circa £7k from what I've read. An affordable track man in theory.

I'm looking for £2250 fully charged, updated and ready to monitor some balls.

Some images below using the Skills App a 5 iron and an iPhone 8 at the time (not all parameters visible on photos). As said i'll get photos up of unit and accessories etc. when I'm home tomorrow.