Fake Watch Repair?


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Sep 2, 2021
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You know that investments can go up and down.
I have a rare pottery piece that was worth around £400 twenty years ago.
Worth about £100 now..
Hold onto a Rolex long enough and you only need to get your money back on it to have been a free watch.
Getting hold of one new is the problem just now.
Daytonas that sell new at 10k are trading secondhand at just under 30k
As you can imagine , demand for new is high lol.
The one I turned down yesterday would have netted me maybe £500 profit immediately but I’m after other watches so goodwill with the dealer is more valuable.


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Aug 13, 2010
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Sorry but what a crock of waffle! So do you like the quality of a Ralph polo or do you just think the horsey logo is cute?

There is no way that Turkish made £3 tee shirts feel the same, fit the same and wash the same. If I’m wrong please ask them to knock up a set of p790’s and I’ll give them a fifty.
Well, the Turkish don't knock them up. The Chinese do. Ralph Lauren are also made in China.
As for feel and fit. They fit as all other t-shirts I own ?‍♂️. I can't really comment on feel as I don't own any original ones but my moody Ralph Lauren and Hugo t-shirts feel, erm....... Like a normal t shirt.

I did buy a moody t-shirt for my friend who is a designer snob and he laughed and said "it's not too bad actually". He wears it to walk his dog ?