Close season approaching


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Feb 25, 2017
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Went for a few holes last night, nobody around so I was dropping a second ball down. Really tried to persist with the neutral right hand. What I found (and its early days) is that I was connecting quite well, ball first, bit of turf interaction, which was great as I usually hit the ball quite clean. However, the good ones were 5-10 yards right of target, the bad ones were 15+ yards right. Maybe my right hand was more weak than neutral?

You might still be delivering same path numbers as you were with a stronger grip?


Assistant Pro
Jun 17, 2013
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Good news, at least now you've reduced your misses left.
Your old grip caused the ball to go left so you may have subconsciously held the face open to stop the release, I suspect you're still holding it open through habit. Either that or you've weakened it too much. Impossible to tell without seeing the grip.
I’ll keep tweaking and see what happens, but definitely having a couple of lessons in the coming months.
That's a great thing, you can play and score well with that. Just make an adjustment to your starting point and commit to the fade.
Definitely, just having the confidence to trust that it’ll do that more often than not!