another daft question...


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Dec 26, 2007
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and I'll apologise in advance but I've been looking at some benross products (already have the v5 driver and 3g 20 degree rescue)and was wondering what is the difference between their 7 wood and their rescue/utility club which are both 23 degrees and under what circumstances would they be used. I am finding it a little confusing as to which clubs to buy in terms of ease of use when replacing long irons.I can hit reasonably ok down to a 5 but any longer really is in the lap of the gods at the moment.


The 7 wood will be a longer length club than the rescue so will be less controllable but will hit it further. You need to work out how far you're hitting each club and see which of these best fits your needs in terms of covering all yardages i.e. have even gaps between how far each club goes.
A wood is a wood whereas a rescue is an iron replacement (more accurate but shorter distance than a wood).
Also if you are playing a windy hard running links a 7 wood is probably not an option, a lower flighted rescue or long iron might be better.


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Aug 19, 2007
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It's quite confusing.....but if you have a 20 degree rescue and are thinking of finding something in place of a 4 iron, your best bet would be another rescue.....23/24 degrees.
Personally, I wouldn't bother. I use my 4 iron off the tee and sometimes off the fairway, but if I'm those distances, I often hit the rescue a bit easier.
In the past, folks played 7 and 9 woods to replace 3/4/5 irons, but tended to carry the 5i anyway. Since hybrid clubs are a cross between woods and irons, the 7 and 9 are becoming fairly rare. Some players still find a fairway wood easier or more suited to their game.....just depends on your swing. When I started playing again, I used my old 1/3/5 woods and 5-SW irons. I bought a 9 wood to fill the gap and used it succesfully for a few months for lay-ups and 175-ish shots.