Am I on to something?

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Jun 5, 2021
Costa Del Coventry
while we are on the subject can I just add I shot my best round yesterday. I played the whole round using only my 5 iron once (didn’t use 7 or 6) and that was in the rough / trees where I hit a low 100 yard bump and run type shot to get back on the fairway. Opted to use my 4 hybrid instead of the long irons - and tbh it looks like a kids club as it’s the same length as an 8i but I will still hit it over 220 yards. That worked very well for me yesterday.

What I will say is I went slightly back to basics and tweaked my grip a little. Turned my right hand over a bit and applied a little bit more pressure with my right thumb (where it was slightly loose and more open previous)

I am completely lost with confidence with my 7,6 and 5 iron that I am now fully contemplating keeping them out my bag.

Feels like I’ve wasted £350