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Jun 30, 2010
Rochester (Kent)
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Sorry this took so long to post but my laptop had gone to laptop heaven. I think it would be a good idea to see the 60/60 golf website to get an idea of this new game to under stand what I have written.

I got selected to play 60/60 golf at sandown park golf range to experience this new up and coming way to play the game we all love. To be honest I didn't think much of the idea seeing it on paper BUT I soon changed my mind as soon as I see the game put together with the app and the competitive format which makes its feel more important to hit the ball well instead of the usual firing the ball out anywhere.

Each range bay had a iPad in a secure stand to keep all your scoring with and selecting what zone you hit your ball in. We played a fourball game and the first hole we had to play was a par 5 hole from Augusta as it was masters week so the first shot was a drive which has to be between two post about 40yards apart and 200yards out (similar to a fairway) and whatever zone your ball lands in you mark that point on the ipad app and that will give you score from 4 points to 20 points so the better the shot the better the score. You then move on to the next shot which I think was a 175 yard shot between another two post and the same rules applies and once again move onto the 3rd shot which was a pin position about 120yards out and once again the closer you get the ball the more points you get after that there was another two shots to pin one at 50 yards and another at 10-15 yards and once those 5 shots are completed you then see everyone's score and move onto the next hole and you can play however many hole you like 9/18 and so on.

It's a very fun and exiting new way of playing the game and a great way of making pratice worthwhile. On the night I was hitting the ball ok and managed to come 3rd (missed second by0.1 of a point) in the mini comp we had i bagged myself a 3 pack of titliest masters balls and a golf monthly carry bag which is ideal for the range. We was very well looked after by golf monthly and the people from 60/60 golf especially the lady who looked after us (sorry I forgot her name) she made sense of the app for us and guided us through the night with ease and if I'm allowed to say quiet easy on the eye :eek:

Thanks to everyone who was involved as I had a great night and we all seemed to have a laugh.
I really hope to see this format at one of my local ranges soon.
Hope this review made sense :)