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    Explain how "Hat" Competition operates at your club?

    Hi there, I have been hearing from a lot of friends & members of other clubs that operate a Hat competition over 9 holes during the week. Something friendly aimed at those who work and don't have time to play an 18 hole mid week competition after work. All of the talk I have heard has been...
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    Fundraising ideas.

    Hi all. Just a quick one, what successful ideas has your club had that was supported by the members to raise funds? Whether it be a weekly joker board or bonus ball to extra competitions, any ideas & suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Phil
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    Could any committee members past or present drop me a PM

    I am looking to get some advice about some committee related subjects and also about the process of setting up a separate disciplinary committee, to try and get the idea submitted in writing to be voted in time for our AGM in a few weeks. Thanks in advance Phil
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    Candy Crush

    Need to try getting the 5 in a line sweets and pairing them with a stripe. Or a stripe paired with a wrapper. Those will help a bit. This is level 264 lol. All those circles at the bottom produce chocolate that grows and grows.
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    Infractions and resulting bans.

    Unfortunately tonight a popular member accumulated points that made his total to 10 points which results in an automatic 7 day ban. We would ask you to refrain from starting threads or topics on the subject. Regards
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    Thread: Not the way I do business removed

    This thread has been removed. It serves no purpose other than to bash moderators. This will be the new procedure if a thread gets removed.
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    I wonder where this young lady plays her golf? Removed.

    The above thread has been removed after complaints about its replies which were considered to be very sexist.
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    Now HMV into Admin

    Just heard on the news at 22:00
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    Benefits to your golf after weight loss????

    I know that many of you guys went on diets throughout 2012 and going by the recent diet posts it seems many lost some or alot of weight. After struggling with my irons, gradually getting worse and worse since mid October when I started playing less and less due to darker nights and the...
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    Club Cleaning

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    Club Cleaning

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    Club Cleaning

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    Some people are odd.

    I was in my local Nevada Bobs yesterday afternoon and a former member of my club came in. He is the brother in law of our club secretary so would still come up to ours a couple times a month. Anyway we got chatting and he said he had gotten a new set of irons. AP1's. I said oh they had them...
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    Anyone still having login issues try this.

    Hi this has worked for me on iPhone and also another member on a PC using Firefox. Whilst logged out can you go to a forum topic. On the posts can you still see the reply with quote button? If so click it and if it redirects you to a login page login there and then check that you remain...
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    Head Covers on Forged irons

    I use them on my irons. Just put them in my pocket when hitting a shot. Don't even realise they're there. I have these ones.