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    New Bargains Thread

    They make great balls, z star and z star XV as good as anything out there.
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    American golf typically charge the highest prices from what I’ve seen, they don’t deserve anyone’s business. My ex local one that shut down used range balls in fittings, that says it’s all.
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    New Bargains Thread

    No probs, I’ve spent far too much using it 😂
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    New Bargains Thread

    10% off Snainton Golf using code golf10.
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    Utility iron

    Based on your distances I’d be a touch concerned you don’t have the speed to launch the utility iron. However the Titleist U510 does a great job of this although it’s head is on the larger size. Give it a look and maybe consider a lighter shaft to the standard 80g hzrdus smoke black.
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    Wrap style grips
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    Fitting... who and what to believe

    A shaft can influence timing and club delivery allowing to more a more efficient strike pattern. You can get extra distance from a change in shaft.
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    Sex discrimination in golf

    Yawn you’re pathetic. People should just play golf and enjoy it.
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    Fitting... who and what to believe

    I’d rather be 20 yards longer and in the short stuff.
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    Fitting... who and what to believe

    Personally not a fan of American golf for fittings. What type of ball did you use in the fitting? If you like the rogue why not try and pick one up from callaway pre owned. If you sign up to their newsletter you’ll get 10% off...