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    Question about Powakaddy noise

    I bought a new FX7 last year and it was in and out of the repair shop so many times due to the squeaking wheels. When the repair shop opened the casing the bearings had dislodged from the hub but it still squeaked. It took a few visits to the repair shop and then they ended up sending it back to...
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    Win a pair of the all-new FootJoy Premiere Series!

    Packard white 9.5
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    I bought today.....

    Bought a Mizuno CLK with Tensei S shaft - so far really good and pleased with it
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    I bought today.....

    Tried these myself after reading on here and they are brilliant- really warm
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    National Golf Restrictions - how can England be open and Wales closed?

    Excellent, I stand corrected, in a good way and delighted this was submitted. I haven’t seen much on social media or mainstream media supporting Golf Wales. I haven’t seen anything from GUI for N Ireland and we are about to go into a 6 week lockdown after being in a 2 week without golf in...
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    Is this an especially wet Winter where you play?

    This year has been the wettest yet that I can remember. Even the ground around us is extremely wet. Fair play to our course greenkeeping team they’ve been great making improvements during lock downs with a view on their overall plans. The course is a bog at the moment but nobody will be...
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    National Golf Restrictions - how can England be open and Wales closed?

    I read that Golf England had written to the UK government and were prominent in their actions gaining support from various areas, I seen some of the Sky presenters supporting the efforts on social media platforms. I haven’t seen the other regional golf bodies promote the benefits and safety of...
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    National Golf Restrictions - how can England be open and Wales closed?

    How come England is open for golf and other countries like Wales are closed for golf with N Ireland closing again from 26th? Interested in views as I appreciate the different regional parliaments have the say on what happens but scientific advice is central and how come England have reopened...
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    agree I use Snainton mostly but cant get what I want there and Clubhouse are one of the few to have it. Thanks, I'll wait instead or do without....
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    Just checking if anyone has a discount code for Clubhouse Golf?
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    FJ Giveaway...

    My mate backed Tommy Bjorn at the European Open at the K Club prior at 33/1 and he was leading by 4 going to the 17th to stuff 3 into the Liffy and taking 11 back in 2005. We left at 16 to beat the crowds as he skiped up the road to later discover his bet had tanked.
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    Help - Trying to Get a Replacement Rain Hood for J Lindeberg Black Mid Size Golf Bag

    Long shot, I am trying to get a replacement rain hood for a J Lindeberg black golf bag. I've gone through the usual sources, retailers, manufacturers and I don't like the OEM covers. So the only thing that looks right on the bag is the cover in the image. On the off chance that some good...
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    Powakaddy FX7 GPS - Anyone experience any issues with slow start up?

    HI all, just bought a new FX7 GPS and find it a little slow on start up to get it to move compared to my previous Powakaddy FW trolley. Anyone else any issues?
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    Thanks all, not straight forward but definitely pointed in the right direction. The poppers are different sizes to standard dress ones so had to be ordered specially, the spuds on the bad are extra long also so needed to be located from other suppliers. For reference it was a shoe and...
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    the hood on my staff bag has lost one of the metal fastening studs, any ideas on here where I can buy replacement studs? I dont want to replace the hood to a generic type or alternative and it is unlikely that I can buy a replacement hood. I think the studs may be similar to the ones used on...