Wood Swing v Iron Swing


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Jan 8, 2021
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First post on here, although i've lurked for a while.

I've got to a stage where I am really happy with my iron swing - ball strike, weight transfer, flight, shape and stopping distance are all great.

However, the same cannot be said for my woods. Everything I read says 'same swing for all clubs' and 'just location of the ball is different'. I don't buy this. I am striking down nicely with irons and hitting the back of the ball. I'm getting progressively smaller divots the longer the iron. If I try and use the same swing for my woods it all goes horribly wrong - I catch the ground, I have a slice, I thin it - you name it, I do it. Should the swings be exactly the same ?? If not how should they be different ?

If it is true that ALL that is different is the ball placement and the swing is the same then I need to look at myself again !


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Feb 2, 2009
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There are 5 things in golf that directly affect the ball.
Swing path
Hitting the sweet spot of the clubface
The direction of the clubface
Angle of attack.
Generally, impact occurs on the way down with irons and on the way up with the woods so yes, I'd say the ball position does influence the ball flight. You hit down with your irons and sweep the ball away with the woods.
Everything else should be pretty much the same.
Keep it simple


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Jan 23, 2014
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I had this problem.
Hitting down on your driver isn’t good.
The basics do remain the same and it’s where in the swing you connect with the ball that counts.
Irons is before the low point , so divot after ball.
Woods after the low point so on upswing.
Ball position is the main thing but a lot of golfers sway to far toward the target this steepens the angle of attack.
So try to keep your head behind the ball with your woods by tilting your spine behind it and swinging around it
The old “ keep your head still” tip does have some truth to it but not to rigidly.


Nov 16, 2011
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Tee shot - generally with Driver - is the only time where you should be 'hitting up on the ball' as that is the only one where you can raise the ball off the ground. I can't see much, if any, point in teeing it up more than 'a bit' for fairway or hybrid tee shot - only enough to get a 'clean' strike.
I believe the swing changes 'naturally' with the different length clubs - otherwise you'd miss with shorter ones or hit the ground way before the ball with longer ones! But certainly hitting down (ball first) with irons (especially short ones) works best imo. Swing is more of a sweep as club length increases, so low point/angle of attack needs to be adjusted too. But all of that is best found through practice.


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Apr 28, 2013
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They feel totally different for me, an iron swing is sort of more compact, a driver or fairway wood swing seems wider and smoother.
I truncate the finish on my irons a la Tommy Fleetwood but I can’t do that with my driver at all.