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Feb 25, 2024
North West UK
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Not sure if this is a thing - I'm new, don't flame me 😅

I love a forum, but never joined a golf forum and have read loads of threads now, which tells me it's informative and perhaps more importantly - friendly!

Played recreationally from around the late 90's, but fell off a motorcycle in early 2000's, broke both wrists and never went back to it, until the last couple of years. Lucky to be invited to a lot of corporate events, which got me really into it, since joining a club and getting my first handicap at 22.

I am an equipment junkie and one of those who thinks if I have the right clubs I will play better (again, don't flame me, it's just me), so recent fitting ended up with the bag like this:

Ping I230 irons 4 - U wedge
Ping S159 54 and 58 degree wedges
Ping G430 Max driver
TaylorMade BRNR 11.5 degree mini driver
Callaway Big Bertha 5 wood
Scotty Cameron Newport putter

I like using a 3 wood off certain tees, but struggle off the deck, so added the mini driver for those tee shots, as I gain more distance. I've tried hybrids, but not yet found one I prefer to my 4 or 5 iron, so the gap is currently filled with the 5 wood.

The I230 were a massive gamble, as I should use game improvement irons, but the person I am needs to challenge himself, so although distance was lost on the swap, accuracy has improved. My last 7 iron was 27.5 degrees, my new one 33. I'm actually thinking of swapping out the PW and UW for the S159's, but need a few more rounds first.

So, that's it really and look forward to seeing you all around the forum.

This was me playing in terrible conditions because I'm barmy...



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Jan 6, 2019
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Too much weight on your back foot, looks like you’re not shifting weight through to your lead side which will be causing you any number of inconsistencies in strike!
Oh and welcome

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Welcome @Burnsey and enjoy yourself

Can’t beat a bit of winter golf , got to love golf to play in the frost 😁

Where are you based ? There are members from all corner of the UK and have a look at the HFH meet which is happening


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Jan 4, 2009
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It was frozen!
That's just a touch of frost. Quite normal here. :ROFLMAO: This is frozen...


even winter greens in use!